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Current News: Currently Im a Couch Potato.. Lookin for a job but cant find a decent one.. : (

Education: DID 1 year in 2001 after high school at El Camino Community College then joined the ARMY in 2002..but now im back I think ill go back in the spring if i don't find a job by then..

Profession: Served in the Army as a 91E-X2 which means Dental Hygienist.. I think people joined the military for dental care, cuz more then 90% of the soldiers had no prior dental care and there mouth was all jacked up, LOL,,,,,Anyway i was Mostly Stationed in good old Fort Sill, OK (By the way it is very boring there and they hate the soldiers in the city of Lawton, around it). when i got back in 06 i worked a lot of jobs, starteing with ,Car Stereo installation, Best buy cashier, Ralphs grocery bagger, Landscaping, Auto Mechanic, Logistics, Security Guard, Dental Assistant, Blockbuster Video (that was a fun job), Rite Aide Cashier, Deli Delivery guy, Line Cook, Waiter.... that's about it.

How did i end up here?: Well i think my parents told us we gotta move, and so we packed up our stuff and moved to Torrance... YAY!!!!

The Car: Well I was into drifting when i got back because my friend had a 240sx all fixed up with a SR20det JDM motor, Anyway it was fast and it was fun , So i bought one, Over the Years i hated that it cost so much to maintain always breaking down and overheating and it was too much attention from cops, over the years i got 8 tickets because of it, it was a very very Bright red S13 hatch back, so i sold it, When i got back from the Army a friend of mine had an EVO IX, the day he took me to Malibu and he drove all nuts hitting the turns fast as hell, and me being kinda scarred i didnt know that AWD was that good. I made a decision, im selling the 240sx, In Jan 2008 i finally sold the 240sx, After month of no car, i was growing restless, i wanted a EVO but it was a little too much money for me..Suddenly In February on a Sunday night at the Hookah Lounge In Redondo Beach my friend with the EVO walks in with a homie of his. The guy starts talking about he doesn't know what to do with his Subie anymore and that his Dad is bugging him to do something about it... So i asked what is a Subie? So He gives me a quick rundown on what a WRX is. Now im interested, apparently he had bought a 2002 WRX in 2004 while he was working at a place called Harman Motive.he blew the motor up in 2005 and got himself a V7 STi motor in with lots of goodies and all this RA tranny gear stuff, cusco coil overs, V7 Jdm interior, custom painted ... etc etc, , anyway, in summer of 2006 he thinks he blew the tranny, and since he didnt work for Harman anymore he couldn't afford to fix the car, so it sat on is front lawn for over 1yr and a 1/2 . Now hes like its gunna cost him 2k to fix and he just has grown out of the whole Subaru thing plus his parents want him to settle down. So now he wants to sell it, immediately i asked how much and he says 8,000 and hell pay half the cost of fixing the transmission, and i spring to life! "I want it Tomorrow!!!" , i said. The next day i went to his house and it just blew my mind on the way it looked. Beautiful car and very Clean. In total the car only had 60,000 Miles on it and the JDM motor had only 20K when he put it in. With in 1 week i wrote him a check and i took the car straight to Harman, It turned out that the Cusco Tarmac Center Diff he put in had literally shattered to pieces, so i sent the Tranny to Suby Specialties they got me a whole new nice center diff, i preferred the Kaaz, they cleaned up the tranny, checked alll the gears, and the best this only cost 1000 bux, thanx to Dan at Harman For hooking it up as long as i did the Tune up and Dyno and Tune there. so i did , all new fluids including the diffs fluid, new brakes, new spark plugs, the works, and they drained the old gas from the tank that had sat in the car for 1 yr and a 1/2 .. LOL, Dan said it wouldn't have beeen smart to start the car up again on that old fuel. New filters, Dyno and tuned .. all that for 1200 bux, so far ive spent 2200 bux to bring it back to life, so that was just on the edge of my budget cuz i only had 10,000 to work with TOTAL... Now i enjoy this car soo much, 4,000 miles later and no problems, thank god, except for cracking two Rota rims that where on the car, damn these rims suck,, but i like them so much i still ordered replacements which im still waiting for from the Philippines...... Damn Sorry i wrote a story but i just had to tell it how it happened, Now i out handle my homies EVO and put his car in the dust, Now that i have this 300whp beast he wants to get a GT35r which he is planning on getting soon!!! Always someone trying to out do you...
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