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Originally Posted by jeffMN View Post
year: 2009
make: subaru
model: wrx
location: minnesota
tires only or winter package: tires

The rim size is 17x7. Stock tire is 225x45r17

Is it better to get a wider winter tire or narrower winter tire? I see in rally racing they use pretty narrow tires on the snow stages, but they are also studded. I would think on ice a wider tire would allow a larger contact patch, where a narrower tire would allow your tire to get closer to the road (more weight concentrated on a smaller area).

In minnesota it does snow often but they roads get plowed quickly (atleast where i live), so you are rarely driving on fresh snow. Typically the snow is really well packed or the roads are icy. I am looking for a tire that is better on the ice than the snow. I want a tire that wont wear out quickly since it will see much more pavement time than snow/ice time.

Priorities for Sizing Winter Tires Are Different

Does your sports car, coupe or sedan use wide, low profile tires that are mounted on large diameter wheels? Or does your light truck use large flotation-sized tires? If you're going to drive through lots of snow this year you'll want your winter tires and wheels in sizes that help put the laws of physics on your side.

A wide, low profile or large tire has to "plow" a wide path through snow which causes more resistance. The narrower the tire, the easier you can get through snow. It is also important to verify sufficient load capacity and the appropriate diameter for your vehicle. However the 225 width is not considered extremely wide and works well in many instances including the conditions you mentioned. In our testing both the Michelin X-Ice XI2 and the Blizzak WS60 out performed studded tires cornering, accellerating and braking on an ice skating rink
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