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Thanks for the input.

Yeah, the 2 braces would definitely compliment each other best, as there would be some direct load transfer occuring between the main reinforcement and the bellhousing via the diff brace. And in fact I am looking at the feasability a tubular structure to link the reinforcement plate itself to the bellhousing... just figuring out how much that will cost.

As for the main reinforcement attachment points, take a closer look, they are not being bolted to bosses on the outside of the case... The bolts that hold the plate on are actually the long 8mm and 10mm bolts that run through the bearing cradles and clamp the case halves together... There will be some short spacers welded on to the transmission side of the plate to lift the plate just above the webbing on the side of the case.

As for the brace, the diff housing up front should be pushing on the middle attachment point rather than pulling... I'm basing this on the pictures I got of xdrain's case.

Trust me, I'm a major pessimist, an engineer's worst nightmare toward myself... I always try my best to find potential failure points in my designs so I can revise and improve the usefulness of the part. I wouldn't be sinking this kind of effort into checking dimensional change in the case for no reason.

Dylan, wait until you see a pic of the $1200 torque wrench I'm borrowing from work for this one... It's a monster, and can be set north of 650ft./lbs. of continuous torque application. This thing does not play around, I'm actually sincerely a little bit worried that I will break my transmission with it. Don't worry, the case is going to be seriously put through it's paces with this thing

The dial gauge that I will take measurements with will be anchored to one of the bellhousing bolt holes on an extended "arm" of sorts, so all measurements will be relative to the bellhousing... Should be a good place from which to measure expansion on the sides of the case and any dimensional change that results from torsional force (twisting of the case)
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