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Part II: Choosing Your Car

Here I'm going to give some advice about picking cars. Which of course, we completely ignored, but you have the chance to actually USE this advice, so read on!

Choose the car with as few mods as you can. I almost always find that I don't like the modifications, or that they're poorly done, or both. Choose an unmolested example if possible.

Look! Already tastefully modded!

Look over the options list carefully. Do you want a car with a sunroof? If it's for daily driving, maybe yes. If it's for racetrack use, maybe not. Are there important differences that might matter to you? (2005+ STi models have 5x114 hubs, which will change your wheel choices, among many other differences...) Would an automatic transmission car be okay? A wagon? These may expand your possible cars to choose from.
Caveat Emptor. (Let the buyer beware.) Our car came with an extra engine (Woo hoo!). Which it needed, because the engine in the car had a loud rod knock (Boo!).

I also learned that GC chassis Imprezas are not really very cheap. Compared to OTHER cars going on ten years old, they're downright expensive. Of course, they have the all-wheel drive thing going for them, but it seems there's more than that going on. Could others have our same idea? Are people hoarding them somewhere in New England? I'm telling you, there's an opportunity to make money dealing in old Subies somehow.
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