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Part VI: What Fits, What Doesn't

These are some of the things that I can remember that do and don't bolt from the 2004 STi (and in most cases the 2005-07 as well) into the GC chassis Impreza.

Does Fit:
  • Front suspension. (Note that 2005+ STi models have the 5x114 bolt pattern hubs, and that means a different spacing on the front knuckle where it attaches to the front strut. So: The strut and the knuckle have to match.)
  • Engine and transmission
  • Radiator and fans, although we had to trim the fans
  • Front lower engine cradle
  • Rear suspension, with the exception of the upper strut mounts. (Short-term we're using GC rear suspension. Long-term we'll probably swap in some coil-overs.)
  • Rear subframe and diff mount
  • Fuel tank

    Comparing fuel tanks. GC on left, GD on right.
  • All the seats, including the back seat with minor adjustment of the mounts.
  • Brake master cylinder, ABS pump
  • Center console.
  • Interior carpet. (Fits okay.)

    Interior closer to completion. Note test light, flashlight. Not shown: Curse words.

Does Not Fit:
  • GD dash. We ended up welding in the GD dash support so the dash would fit properly, but we don't think the climate control/heater box would have fit in there. If you left the heater in, you'd have to space out the dash to fit.
  • GD lock cylinders for the body. They're too big, as mentioned above.
  • Wipers and wiper motor.
  • Door cards. The rear doors are obviously a different shape. The front doors actually are the same, but the holes in the metal are in different places. You could bolt in the GD front door cards if you wanted to drill new holes. But then your front and rear door wouldn't match.
  • Accelerator pedal. The STi pedal is drive-by-wire. You'll need to custom-build a bracket for it.
  • GD steering column. It fits, but the GD steering shaft is slightly too long to fit properly in the GC chassis. We cut and welded the shaft, taking out about a 1/2" of length between the U-joints.

    The steering shaft is supposed to end where the two bolt holes are. The blue lines are future cut-and-weld locations.

    Steering shaft segment, post-operation
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