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10.9 @ 130

Default Into the 10's w my Full Weight STI on pump and Aquamist !

Its been a long road to reach the 10's with my beloved '05 STI. I have been looking forward to this for a long time and it certainly did not come easy this time, but having been a tough challenge it feels all the better. The best part is driving around today in my 10 second street Subaru.

This year I have broke the half shafts 5 times without moving more than 2 feet at the line, those who follow my You Tube Dyno Flash channel will recall all the visits to the track that ended with broken half shafts

Thanks to the Drive Shaft Shop I upgraded to the Level 5 system which also broke

Since I feel the stock STI suspension is perfect as is and handles great, I had to use tire pressure adjustments to work my way around the rear wheel hop issues which were breaking the shafts. In the future, I may consider a KW coil over set up but for now, I was trying to "get er done" with the stock parts.

After some experimentation and a few easy launches, last night I was able to make some full passes down the track with a best MPH of 133 and a best et of 10.9 all with full weight stock suspension pump gas with Aquamist meth injection

Sadly, as expected they threw me off the track so I could not try to improve on the 10.9 time

I think there is significant room for improvement on that time with some improvement in the 60' time

Many of my tuning customers have been out for test drives in my car over the past year and this engine I built has proven rock solid 100% reliable, at the track I used the same pump gas hydra 2.6 tune up that I drive every day I did not even take out the lap top to adjust or data log the tune up is right on the money as is - only issue was launching without wheel hop

Mods include

Darton Sleves
Ross Pistons
Arrow rods
Super Tech Valves .5 mm
GSC cams
Cosworth head gaskests and large oil pan and pick up

Ultimate Racing gt35 R kit with fmic .63 a/r

Agency Power fuel rails
Buschur Double Pumper
PE 850 injectors

Aquamist HFS 5

Hydra 2.6

E Boost 2

Modified transmission
Exedy triple ceramic clutch

Drive Shaft Shop half shafts

Here is my You Tube video of the action

Thanks to all my customers, fellow tuners and especially ICS Performance for your support and assitance
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