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Default re-reading "how to make your car handle" last night

interesting bits:

*the amount of weight transfer that body roll adds is basically zero. Only a tiny amount (<3% of the cars weight) of weight transfer is added due to the CG of the car changing as the car rolls.
In other words, you could have bricks for springs, and 50mm swaybars and the weight transfer in a corner won't really change.
the only way to reduce the weight transfer is to lower the CG of the car.

*changing the roll stiffness on one SIDE of the car causes more of the cars weight to be transfered to that side of the car in a corner. so a stiffer rear bar, or stiffer rear springs, causes more weight to transfer to the rear of the car. which is how you can tune over/undertseer with stiffer swaybars/springs etc.

*the main reason to reduce body roll (besides the *Slight* reduction in weight transfer) is to reduce the amount of camber change mid corner.

so from this what can we learn?
body roll really isn't all that bad.
lower is better.
adjustable swaybars and struts are going to be useful for dialing in the over/understeer properties of the car.
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