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Originally Posted by hybrid gti 2 View Post
Well if you want to see mine since your in socal your welcome. Yet I don't see any of the prone problems you mention. Currently have 164k on the case and 64k on the ppg gears. I have been through the stock set and two sets of ra's before these. Also have ppg selector forks and obx front diff. You can say I drive pretty hard. Power is only 240 whp. Recently switched to a snout repair kit as well.

I think you have a good idea but still need more work. As well as something more visually pleasing to look at not just functional.
Well, you went through 3 gearsets in that case, 2 of which were marginally stronger than stock. I don't claim and have not claimed that case distortion is the #1 cause of gear failure either... Just trying to bring something to the table that helps a bit at an affordable price. I'd think that 3 broken gearsets probably points to something not being kosher. And with seemlingly high failure rates, the 5mt has it's share of design flaws. I can't personally yell "driver error" as I have gone through 2 transmissions myself!

I think PPGs are just so beefy that they have a much higher tolerance for any excessive gear clearance that may be accomodated by the flexible case and bearings mounted within. Instances of PPG gear failure are pretty rare, but people have managed to break them too.

As for the appearance... I could have sworn I heard some noise coming from the garage the other night. Were you in there taking a look? I haven't posted pics of it yet. You might be mistaking the pic of the raw steel bolt pattern template I posted up earlier for the actual reinforcement. In regards to the final product, with the final shape and cross-bracing, I think it looks pretty neat actually

I completely understand your skepticism though. There certainly is no shortage of false claims in modern advertising and such. I guess at a certain point, as a consumer you have to look at the idea behind a product and the information you have avaiable about the product to decide whether it's something that you feel is worth your hard earned money or not.

Originally Posted by DS1 Motorsports View Post
Any pics of the final prototype?
Sure. I'll throw some paint on it tonight after work and try to get some pics posted with the reinforcement by itself and installed on the trans.

Originally Posted by axelthrasher View Post
This is a good idea. I was waiting to see you do this and I am glad that you are thinking about it.

Have you checked to see how much the 6MT flexes compared to the 5MT? This is some-what of an important number for me to see to gauge how weak the 5MT case really is.

My next question comes to heat/cooling... Do the braces interfere with heat dissipation of the trans? Is the heat even creating any problem on gear failures? Would adding an external cooler help to get any more life out of the gears?
The bolts definitely help, and I think I can keep the set fairly affordable. Looking into it hopefully today or tomorrow to get pricing all lined up.

Unfortunately I do not have a spare 6mt laying around. So I have not compared the two. Sure would be interesting though.

Actually the brace is spaced away from the trans case, so if anything, the added surface area should aid in cooling... Though steel is not the best conductor of heat as far as metals go. I think a dedicated cooler certainly couldn't hurt, especially if you plan on running the car at the track. In fact, I think Dylan @ DS1 has been working on something of that sort.
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