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Originally Posted by BryanH View Post
OK, so I got these OFF my car today because I simply could not stand them anymore. I had 23000 miles on them and they still had PLENTY of life left in them..but despite rotating them every ~3000 miles and regular alignments and balancing they had cupped so badly I could not stand it. The slight growl that I did not mind at around 20 mph before had turned into an unreal grinding sound that could be felt through the steering wheel and into your seat. Any sort of conversation while the car was in motion at a reasonable level was clearly out of the question...I felt I should likely have had hearing protection to use the car as a commuting vehicle. Had I been driving a monster truck with 35" tires this would have been an acceptable trade WRX is not a monster truck.

Performance wise they still did well in the rain and dry but the confidence level in them was so far down because it was impossible to tell what the road was doing under them with all the vibration. Basically, it was impossible to explore the limits of the car because I had NO confidence in the tires. They gave no communication as to what was going on other than GRIND GRIND GRIND RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE. This isn't the the feedback you are generally looking for out of a high performance tire. I think I actually got less rumble going over railroad tracks.

Today I switched to Bridgestone RE 960 and the ride back to my office was revolutionary...I could hear the radio again. Those wheel bearings I thought were bad...aren't. Those wheels I was sure must be bent....aren't.

In short Goodyear....
I can only guess that you have a suspension or alignment issue and improper toe adjustement is usually the big culpret with this style of tire.

as close to '0' toe as possible is best

cupping isusually a bad strut or spring
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