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OK buy Nates beans


Originally Posted by BryanH View Post
ok...i went back and got a copy instead of going off what the guy told me.

front camber was -0.7.
rear is -1.4

caster is 3.3 left 2.8 right
toe is -.03 left and .00 right on front total toe = -.03
toe is -.01 left and .01 right on rear total toe -.00

steer ahead -.01
thrust angle -.02

should I go back and try and get more camber? or try and get them to get the toe exactly closer to .00?

I would rather get this sorted NOW so I don't eff a new set of tires.

you just solved your noise mystery

not enough negative camber

...and maybe a bit much in the back

and once those tires are worn that way...they are done
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