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Well I have great news so far. I personally used my own hid kit I forgot I had laying around, its a 6k kit so it's slightly blue... but anyways. I'll take some pics of my ghetto ass shields tomorrow, made the first model out of tin... which I may stay with as it seems to hold up very well. The tin is cut so it projects a U over the top of the bulb so as not to reflect into the upper reflectors which the stock high beams use to reflect more light into the road.

So far it looks like a very good beam pattern... there is a very slight but still noticable amount of light that goes passed the cutoff but it is not blinding to oncoming motorists, just enough to illuminate signs. So... so far so good. One Problem I am having though is that just off to the center of the car in front of the bulbs toward the outside it is slightly dim. but I think I can combat this by bending the tin slightly up.

The car has a very pronounced cutoff when put up to a wall and driving on the interstate which is great. They are slightly brighter and bluer than stock-like silverstars, but like I said, not blinding to oncomers. Also there are NO HOT SPOTS!

SpankySuby, I was curious how did you wire the high beams into the turn signal space? and what kind of bulb are you using? I was planning on modifying a 9005 bulb to fit but if you used something different I'd love to hear it, because it seams that unlike your setup mine would help greatly with high beams up there since there is such a good cutoff. The turn signals I'm not so worried about... I can just solder the stock ones over to that so... meh.

I'm so pumped that this works this well! I'll be back in a min with a pic of it at night.

Well I messed with the driver side shield a bit and its slightly better than before but now its projecting light outward more... I'll have to mess with it a bit more tommorow when I go to my parents house. I'll have pics uploaded in 10 mins or so. you can see in the pics that the light is not evenly distributed currently, but then again the shields very close to what I want as of right now... they are still a work in progress but they seem to work well so far. The driver side was working perfectly earlier, cutout and everything... but had a big hotspot right about the cutout, yet no other light up there... I found that extremely peculiar, so I tried to bend it around a bit to get the light a bit better, but I bent it a bit too much and now its not throwing the light in an even pattern on the driver side, pass side is almost perfect though, just needs to be evened out around the edges so its not such a straight beam of light.

Pic showing light distribution, notice how the driver side is way off and scattered? Where the pass side is more even?

Pic from the side showing the horrible non existant close to the car light spread of the driver side and fairly decent pass side.

Picture showing clusterf*ck of fogs and HID's

As I have said already, this is a work in progress and will probably not be completely finished for a couple weeks, planning on making another model of shields to fix any issues with this shields and make them better looking and more permanent... mostly making it a much more pronounced cutoff so one wouldn't have to make their lights point downward. Eventually I may be open to modding others lights for a shield if I can get these working to a level where that have a pronounced cutoff and will not have hotspots. I may also work on a buddies 04 05 wrx's headlights with this idea if all goes well, so I can put it to use on either model year.
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