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Yup, all is well, the design for the main reinforcement is pretty much hammered out. I'll be getting in touch with Dylan as soon as he's done with SEMA to see if he has any last bits of input before I get his sample sent off. Then I'll consider any other final changes he might request once he has the sample in his hands. I still need to build a fixture to clamp the plate down when I hit it with the TIG machine... That thing sinks tons of heat into the plate and I measured about .015" of camber/warpage over the total length of the base plate. It's not really even visible to the naked eye until I layed it on my polished marble measuring block, and it probably wouldn't make a difference, but I'm a perfectionist when it comes to that kind of thing... I guess that's what happens when a quality control guy builds something, he's doomed to spend extra time on finishing touches

I still need to settle on a final design for the diff brace, and I'll need to build jigs/fixtures, so that part will be finalized probably a few weeks after the main reinforcement. I sourced some nifty little pre-drilled gussets that I'm adding in, so I'll have to make a few changes for everything to fit, but I think the assembly will be better/stronger as a whole with the gussets, and they look really cool which is a plus.

Once all that is done, I'll get to work on putting a full bolt kit together as well... That shouldn't take long at all, just need to do some wheelin' and dealin' with my bolt supplier

I've also finished up with all of the paint details for production. I'll still be in touch with Dylan to see if he can help me out with a powder-coat option.

I'll post up a picture of Dylan's main reinforcement sample when I get home this evening to see if anybody in the forum has any thoughts/input. It's looking pretty darn sharp, if I do say so myself
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