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Originally Posted by WRX2FFU View Post
Honestly i think it's a scam. IE: You get turbo exhaust gaskets. Then 6 months later you bring the car in under warranty for a blown motor. You have a stock turbo on the car but you may have returned it to stock. Why did you buy turbo exhaust gaskets?

See where i'm going with this.......
Epic Fail . . . .

Originally Posted by limequat View Post
I don't like it one bit, and I refuse to supply my VIN.

1) It's a way of tranferring liability to the customer: That's the VIN you supplied, it can't POSSIBLY be the wrong part!

2) It's a hassle. Why should I wait in line, go the desk, find out I need a VIN, go back to my car, find a pen, find paper, write the VIN, Is that a zero or an O?, come back, wait in line, wait for the monkey to punch in 16 characters, and then... "We don't have that part in stock, would you like to order it?" Prepay of course.

3) It creates a data base uniquely identifying: You, your car, the part. Whether or not we are being "tracked" is only a question of semantics. No, Subaru isn't doing this because they want to get in our business. BUT, IT IS A SEARCHABLE DATABASE!

The implications aren't hard to imagine. Say vehicle X is used in a homicide. It's unregistered, but the local dealerships cough up their records. Someone transposes a "1" for an "I" and suddenly you're being investigated for murder!

Here's another one. Let's say we decide that global warming is a real threat and all cars must have all stock functioning catalytic converters. Let's say that modifying a vehicles emissions system becomes a $1000 misdemeanor with up to 90 days in jail (equivolent to driving w/o tags).
Would it be hard to imagine the local cops going through the dealership records to find who recently purchased up-pipe gaskets?

Here's what I do if a dealership asks for VIN:
* First, "Just say no." Cause a delay, ask to see the manager.

* If that doesn't work, go to a different dealer. Make it clear, that they're losing business over a damned computer program.

* Don't have another local dealer? Buy online.

* Finally, offer to supply the first 8 (or so) digits of the VIN. This is a comprimise. They can still get all the information they need, but it does not uniquely identify the person and the car.
Longest Statement of complete Ignorance I Have ever Read .
I work for Volvo Construcion
I was behind the counter to start and we REQUIRE Serial numbers (same as VIN)
We arn't going to waist our time looking up a part for you just to find out it wont fit because it turns out your car wasn't built in jan06 but rather feb06 . .
Not only does it cost money to bring these parts in but it also cost money to store and return them when we find out they are wrong
If we get a customer rufusing to supply us with the info we need to do our job . .
then we tell them to take their buisness elsewehere

Seems the auotomotive world is a little more forgiving in this area as Heavy Machinery is more cut throat and dry
If you want to be a big man and stand all tall refusing to supply your VIN b/c you think we are runnning some sort of conspiricy
Then absolutely you're ars just got denied service

Originally Posted by Unabomber View Post
For the love of God people!!!!!!!!!

Here's the deal and quit listening to the people that think your VIN blew up the twin towers.

The VIN is a many digit number that among other things, lets the dealer know your build date. This is important because (for example) the brake pads on the 2004 WRX changed mid year. With the VIN, you will get the right brake pads. If you just walk in there with a part number you scoured off the internet (reason #1 why I no longer put part # in my FAQs), you will likely be sitting with your car on jackstands all weekend because you have the wrong part.

The VIN is also computer and/or shop required to look up ANY parts? Why? This is due to the reason above. It assures 100% that any parts given are suitable for your vehicle.

The only killer is when you do odd stuff, like say the H6 upgrade to the rear brakes. This changes your brake pads from 04 WRX to 02/03 Outback. This can and does cause some confusion with dealers. You can handle this by copying a random VIN off of eBay or using a reputable Subaru NASIOC vendor like Subie Gal, Annapolis Subaru, etc.

If you'd like to copy a random VIN off of ebay and wear your tin foil hat into the dealer, you could receive the wrong part. Will you then come here and complain?

VINs are NOT recorded at the dealership when you buy parts. Do you get that tin foil hat wearers? They have zero impact with regard to warranty work.

My VIN is JF1GG29694G803308

Feel free to post this on every internet site ever.
This absolutely made my day
I will back this with my life ! ! ! ! ! !
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