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Default Agile Tuned '06 Sti 536ft/lbs 539whp

We had the pleasure of assembling and tuning Philthy's '06 Sti with the new bolt-on GT35R from ATP and the results were impressive to say the least. We tuned the car on 93 octane alone, 93 and meth, and Q16 so we were able to get a good gauge of what the turbo and supporting mods were capable of. The basic modifications for this car are as follows:

AEM EMS tuned by Hill @ Agile Auto
Raw Performance shortblock (sleeved, rods, pistons, crank)
Headgames heads + cams (no AVCS)
ATP Bolt-On GT35R
Full Race exhaust manifold (for stock turbo location)
APS 70mm CAI
Agile custom fuel system
Tial 44mm wastegate
Turbosmart E-boost
Aquamist HFS5 meth injection
3" TBE

Without further ado here are the results:
PURPLE- 448wtq, 459whp on 93 oct. alone @ 22-23psi, 11.5afr
YELLOW- 480wtq/492whp on 93 oct. and meth injection @25-26psi, 11.7afr
RED- 535wtq, 539whp on Q16 @ 31psi, 12afr

No correction has been applied (SAE correction is off)

As you can see from the graphs, the car made great power especially for a bolt-on turbo. This car is pretty much never run on 93 alone but we wanted to have a valid comparison to his previous setup with the HTA Green. We elected not to run the HTA with meth or Q16 because the internally gated turbo had a very hard time holding boost pressure at high rpm with all the airflow we were trying to push though the turbine housing. On a car with less aggressive heads and cams, I'm sure this would not have been an issue. However this engine would have required an external gate on the Green to allow for a more stable boost curve. Even with the integrated 44mm Tial gate on the ATP turbine housing, we were still seeing boost taper to 26-27psi at redline on the Q16 map. This leads me to believe that this engine would still have significant high RPM power improvement if a rotated GT35R with an external gate was used. Here is a graph of the HTA Green vs. the ATP GT35R both on 93 octane @ 22-23psi:

As you can see from the graph the HTA makes peak torque about 500 RPM sooner than the GT35, although it can't match the flow rate of the larger 35R wheels. No surprises there.

On the whole, both are excellent turbos for the right application. If you're looking for faster response than the 35R, the HTA Green is an excellent option, especially for a stock engine. If you're looking for all out, brutal power and are willing to sacrifice a little bit of powerband, the ATP bolt-on GT35R is a great bang for the buck for those who don't want to go for a rotated mount setup.

Here is a link to our youtube page with video of this car on the dyno:

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