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How do they pay you through paypal? Do you have to have a business account?
You register your credit card (or bank account) with Each member has a user id. PayPal associates your Ebay activity with your PayPal account, so making payment is simple. It's just that they seem to keep adding new fees all the time, so I stopped using it.

All money paid to you goes into a Paypal holding account (which they make money off of from interest). You can pay anyone from this account. You can also request the money be sent to you in the form of a check.

If your paypal account is 0, you can have them charge your bank account/credit card to make a purchase.

How does a Money Order work? Are your sending it COD, or are you having them send it first and then shipping?
Go to the post office. Tell them you need a money order for $$$. A small fee is required to get one. It's basically same as cash, but its traceable and therefore somewhat safer for both parties to use.

What are you using to ship? UPS, FEDEX...?
I send cheap, small items book rate. I send more expensive items USPS Priority, because the boxes are free.

By convention, buyers pay all shipping costs. As a seller, you make your best estimate. Some people will actually go down to the PO once they know where it is being shipped to, and then tell the buyer how much it will cost. This is too much of a pain for me, so I eyeball it based on experience.

I used to spend a few extra bux to send things insured, but I found out that they will not honor your claim unless you have a valid receipt showing the item's worth (something they never tell you at the counter - friggn PO!).
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