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Default Cobb 09 WRX Stage 2 Results

Here is a quick look at the latest results with our 2009 WRX. Our previous post ( outlined the results of this 09 with just an Accessport Protune. For the next stage, we added a Cobb downpipe combined with the SPT exhaust.

With a bit more boost, and a bit leaner mixture, we extracted 317 lb-ft of torque and 281 whp on Oregon pump 92 octane! Here is a look at the Stage 2 compared to stock. Note this is with the SPT exhaust, which isn’t the freest flowing exhaust compared to some aftermarket exhausts.

As you can see, the stage 2 setup has a huge torque gain everywhere. If you saw this post without a heading, you would think it is from a Stage 2 STI.

Compared to the Stage 1, the addition of the downpipe gave us more torque across the powerband.

As typical with the STI, the car responds well to a slightly leaner mixture. Here are two runs in the Stage 2 setup with the higher hp run targeting AFRs around 11.8-11.9

The boost used for the stock, stage 1, and stage 2 runs.

Obviously the comparison to a Stage 2 STI in inevitable. This comparison is to an 07 Stage 2 STI with a real 3" aftermarket exhaust, and a bit more boost then the 09 WRX setup. The shape gives you a good idea about the 09 Turbo. It appears the 09 WRX turbo is indeed a VF43 sized turbo with the Legacy/WRX compressor cover.

Last but not least, here is a look at the 09 WRX vs the 08 WRX, in stock form. As you can see, the 08 WRX has a torque advantage until about 4000rpm, at which point the 09 WRX takes over and runs all the way to redline. The 09 has more lag then the 08, much like the 08 STI vs the 08 WRX.

We are going to add a larger TMIC this week, so look for some more results. Based on the numbers so far, it seems the 09 WRX is a bit underrated at 265 hp. This car is the sleeper of the Subaru lineup. With the longer 5 speed gears, it will give the STIs a significant challenge.


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