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heh, DC ITCA are
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Originally posted by AttaQ

This is the kinda info I was looking for. Maybe "The Neal" doesn't have to worry about it, but for those with jobs/etc that are not come and go as you please, there is a big difference between meeting up at like 7:30 and 5:30 to 6. I'm not trying to be a d*ck about it, I just need/want to know cause my boy was gonna come with and he wanted to know what time we were going to meet up, like before the actual day it's going down.

Hopefully the weather will cooperate.


haha, I am so going to have to stab you in the eye! I have a real job too, just because my job is soooo easy that I can come and go as I please unless they all me because my ***** ass is on a 24/5 retainer till school starts.

Neways, I am down for just staying at the original spot if there are people who don't wanna go to the car show. I am down for either, but I will be late to this meet.
-The Neal
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