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Originally Posted by Da-Risin-Smoke View Post

Now I know what I can take note of when I consider my goals for the future.
Exactly my point!

Most people live in an area hanging out with a couple other subbies, and they usually have a single shop, maybe two that they commonly use. They then usually base their power level goals on what cars from that shop are doing.

So telling us, hey, I want 950whp on an XXXbrand dyno, I live in XXX and I use over9000 octane fuel, we can give you a good path to start with.

Like having a goal of 300whp on MZM Tuning (the big local dyno tuner near me) will take a LOT more money, Think 20G or larger, and really, should include a built block. Going for 300whp on Andrewtech's dyno takes a turboback and a tune (on an STI)

This is why when you see someone ask what does it take to make XXXwhp, you will see people saying very little mods, and others saying a lot of mods. I personally try to go with what it takes on an average reading dyno. Which if the crazy mustang at MZM is a 0 and Andrewtech's is a 100, the "average" dyno would be somewhere in the 65-70 range (using a 0-100 scale)
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