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OK buy Nates beans


Originally Posted by Asinine View Post
After doing some research on the OEM specs and tolerances, it appears that the specs are given in degrees/minutes, but a lot of people are treating the minutes as "tenths." (e.g., Treating 130' the same as 1.3). Am I missing something, but isn't 130' actually 1.5?

Anyway, I'm seeing the tolerance for rear toe-in, each toe angle: 0.09' (0.15). Would this make the total toe tolerance 0.30? IIRC, the printout for the rear showed only the total rear toe, which was 0.19.
forget the ****ing oem numbers
they suck

'0'...toe....not 'almost' and if it isnt even, side to side, then it isnt right either

you will be better off at '0' or much closer than it is
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