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Originally Posted by yzer View Post
Yes. If you want to get decent tire wear from a WRX then get the front alignment set to zero toe.

I have a stock '03 WRX Sedan. I got extremely uneven tire wear on the stock RE92s. That got worse when I started running softer MXs. Forget the OEM front toe setting. I asked the shop to set the front toe to zero and got more than 30K miles of even wear from the relatively short-lived MXs.

Interestingly, the shop guy said it's impossible to set the WRX fronts to "zero" toe. He said it was not mechanically possible.

Uncle Scotty: I got another alignment done when the new Kumho XS tires went on earlier this month. Here is the alignment printout for your perusal and comment. What do you see here?

you have '0' camber?????

that is just NOT right

no as in not

and you have soemthing wrong with the caster being 'off' like that

and no 'before' numbers???

yu may as well be running dirt cheap no name tires

that alignment SUCKS
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