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Originally Posted by yzer View Post
The caster is kind of weird. Any explaination of these values would be appreciated.

But before saying the alignment "sucks," consider this.

I like going fast on freeway offramps and driving country roads with some tight turns a couple of times a week. Like most daily drivers, I drive in a straight line on freeways and streets most of the time.

I was getting uneven tire wear with stock alignment on the stock RE92s. At proper PSI and with tire rotation, both sides of the front tires wore too fast, but the inner corner wear was worst.

New alignment with close to zero toe fixed the uneven wear problem after I started running softer compound MXs. No more uneven wear. The insides and outsides wore evenly and a little faster than the mid-line tread.

Negative camber up front will two things. It will allow for better performance on turns by maximizing the tire's contact patch. It will also increase tire wear on the inside tread.

I run extreme performance tires all year long. I have enough cornering grip without adding negative camber and increasing inside tread wear.

Now, if I wanted to increase the percentage of twisty driving that I do, or if I wanted to get less sticky tires and compensate for less grip then I'd go the negative camber route.

If the alignment sucks, I appreciate those comments, too. I' look around for a better shop.


this is the lamest thing I have heard in a LONG THAT EVER

you think '0' camber is what you want???

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