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Originally Posted by Phatron View Post
BW cant make magic air pumps....
Ron, that makes you sound ignorant, and i know you are FAR from that. Everybody (garrett included) knows that even GT technology is getting dated now. BW can, and has, designed a better turbocharger. And some of this stuff is fairly new, so every tuner out there isn't making sexy time with BW turbo's yet.

In due time, garrett will main stream and dumb down their tr30r stuff and expand on that and it'll be garrett all over agin.

Originally Posted by Phatron
from what i've seen the borgs are more expensive
Really? Where?
atp 35r turbocharger pricing - This is priced cheaply as it's the price for a single scroll t3 turbine housing.
Full-Race gt35r Pricing

Full-Race 300sx 83-75 pricing

In fact, here, there is only ONE turbocharger over 1400 bucks, and it supports over 1000whp.

Don't discount the bw's so quickly. If we toss these turbos to the way side, we will be missing out on some great stuff for our community. Look at the DSM guys. Part of the reason they're going a zillion miles an hour and a half a second is because they've literally TRIED EVERYTHING, so they know what does and doesn't work. I mean, look at the Collection of holset turbo guys there are on here. I can only think of 2 off the top of my head. One (REWT) used an hx40 on his 2.0 with success. But beyond him and dukeduster, not many have even tried these turbos. So lets keep an open mind about this stuff. Trial and error guys. We can't afford to do it oursleves most of the time, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't let somebody do it for us

And Phatron: I know you want proof (you always do ) So just kinda sit back and wait for the proof. Sometimes you have to do that when you're not in a position to be able to go get it yourself.

Patience grasshoppa!!

Sorry... /rant
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