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Originally Posted by Phatron View Post
well....i guess thats how ignorance is defined right? i said "from what i've seen" about the was for one of the bw200' was several hundres (~$400) more than the comparable garrett unit.

Well, either it was a BEP borg turbo or maybe it was old pricing. Or maybe you got your prices cris crossed?
BW 30r equivilant (s200)

Garrett gt30r
The 30r is about $176 more

Originally Posted by Phatron
while it is impressive to show a non-bb 72 lb/min turbo spooling the same as a 62 lb/min turbo its still a weird comparision to post on a subie forum.....since it in no way reflects what the comparos gonna look like on an EJ motor....
True, but compressor and turbine efficiency are NOT going to change by putting it on an ej engine. x flow at y p/r no matter if its on an ej, a 4g63, a 2jzgte, an ls7 or a olds 455. Certain turbos are better matched to certain engines for sure, but thats why manufacturers make several different flavors and give you hotside options etc.

Originally Posted by Phatron
what can you argue? That BW CAN make magic air pumps? Have you seen multiple results on a ej motor to prove otherwise? The results i saw show 10-15 whp gains with a me it wasnt very cost take out a $1400 turbo and put in a $1800 turbo for 15 whp.....i guess to some it may be.
I didn't say they made magic air pumps, you did . I said they made a more efficient turbo charger. No i haven't seen multiple ej results, but like i said, and tuners and enthusiasts haven't exactly jumped all over these turbos as of yet, but more and more are popping up. Like i said, patience.

And as far as price goes, It's VERY cost effective if you just start with the less expensive borg turbo, and i don't know where you're doing your shopping, but i already gave you some price comparo's that shoot that argument down (twice now...).
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