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I'm currently using a Clutchmasters Stage 1 clutch and it seems fine to me. Pedal effort is slightly heavier than stock, but not nearly as heavy as the ACT setup on a friend's OBS. I couldn't tell you if it's any grippier than the stock setup - it's supposed to be, but I generally don't do any stupidly high RPM drops, so I don't know. I went with the CM clutch back in April because my car had nearly 100k on it, I was significantly upgrading the power (or so I thought) with Cobb stuff, and I was having an aluminum flywheel installed so they were going to be in there anyway.

For a car with stock or near stock horsepower, I, too, vote for a stock clutch. My stock clutch was still working fine at nearly 100k miles with numerous auto-x and open track events on it - lots and lots of high RPM shifting going on. Yes, it would slip big time if I tried to launch over probably 3500 or 4000rpm, but why would I need to do that? Unless you're running ProSolo-style auto-x events a drag launch gains you pretty much nothing. These cars don't have the power to pull them out of the hole with a high RPM launch anyway - the car just bogs right down.

Of course, the other thing to consider is cost. Is it really worth it to spend the extra $$$ for an aftermarket clutch on a stock or nearly stock car? My vote is NO. Hindsight being 20/20, I don't know if I needed to spend the extra cash for the aftermarket clutch on my car, and it's got around 20% more power than stock.

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