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Default 1997 Subaru Outback Legacy

I have a 97 5 speed Outback with 170,000 miles.
It has had all the major repairs that happens with this vehicle.
I have 2 questions.

1. My gas mileage has really gotten poor, and never had the oxygen sensors replaced. A friend hooked up his computer and the codes mentioned both oxygen sensors are faulty. Do I need to use a Subaru sensor, or may I install an after market sensor?

2. My cooling fans run continually when my key is on ACC position, and my check engine light blinks off and on. It sounds like the relay is switching off and on and off and on, the fan just keeps cycling on and off. This happens whether the engine is warm or cold. However, when the engine is running the fan appears to work appropriately.
I disconnected a single green wire under my dash, and the fan stopped continually running when the key was on ACC position. Also, the blinking check engine light disappeared. When the engine is running, the fans appear to be running normally, especially when the AC is turned on. Can I leave that single wire disconnected, or should I reconnect it and start to replace relays or???

thank you
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