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Post Subaru 1/4 Mile Registry

Instead of bringing back up my old page, I just brought back the Subaru 1/4 Mile Registry that should be up for a nice, long, long time. If you see your name on this website and the times are incorrect, please feel free to send me an update. Here is the link to the upstarting website: Subaru 1/4 Mile Registry. I'll be updating the site constantly. Im no html expert but I just need a place to know who's running what #'s, especially when the new WRX's come out.

We could communicate with those with the better track #'s to improve on our current setup and a host of other things you wish to use this info for. Please could you send me the following info:
  • 1/4 mile time and trap speed *Obviously*
  • 60ft time
  • 1/8th mile time and speed
  • Power Source: N/A, turbo, supercharger, Nos, Solar Energy!?!, etc, etc
  • Year and Model of car
  • Your name and date the ticket
  • The track that you ran the time at

If you have a personal website that you'd like visited, please send that also. And finally, if you like, I can add a link to your email address in case someone has a question to as of your setup or what not. See the website for an example of how the info would be setup that you'd send me.

I'll be updating the site feverishly and try to add new features as time allow. Enjoy it and hopefully I can get alot of times.

BTW: If if you have crappy times but those times are you best as of now, don't be shy of sending them in. We all can learn from your experience.

Send your email too my PM or my email addres at: [email protected]

Take Care all!

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