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I've said it before and I'll say it again..

NO AWD transmission will take such a beating day in, day out without breaking something.. Something has to give.. and when it's not the tires doing it, guess what? that transmission has to!

EVERYONE (well.. most anyhow) who owns an AWD car from Subaru, Mitsubishi, Porsche, Lamborghini. Audi (who knows about Bugatti owners, but Bugatti have tossed it out there that new transmissions will go for 130K ), and [insert other maker of high power AWD car here] seems to know this.... apart from a few GTR owners it seems

This is not a case of a car's transmission not being strong enough to take a beating.. NOBODY makes one that can take such abuse.

I knew when I bought my car new that the way in which they were getting the 5.4 0-60 times would lead to something breaking, and that was my first AWD car...

It just baffles me as to how some just don't get it, then complain and throw around the usual threats of class action lawsuits when something breaks..

Some people say that they should put in a 6MT.. Yes, they could do that, but what happens when they start to break also (and they will break)?

I mentioned in another thread that perhaps Nissan's mistake was not including launch control, but making the car so accessible to the masses...

To those who mention that "It's Nissan's fault for putting a feature on the car that will break it"... Every maker of a manual transmission equipped car builds in the "feature" for you to launch it at high rpm also..... yet they won't warrant your stupidity when the transmission strips first gear from a high rpm launch..

Just because a nuclear powered submarine is rated to a maximum depth of 5000 feet does not mean that you want to run around constantly operating at a depth of 5000 feet...
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