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Originally Posted by A~W~D View Post
What makes him a douchebag?
Pointing out not many GT-R's have broken a transmission?
There have only been 2 that I know of. Both from repeated back to back LC uses.
There may be more that didn't get reported online but seeing as how most people like to get on a forum and rant if they have a problem....
I don't think there are many.
2 out of over 2 thousand cars in the U.S. alone doesn't mean the car is weak.

Doing repeated launches in any car is going to raise the temps in the transmission way above what they should be. There is also a significant amount of wheel hop in the GT-R when you do it that probably doesn't help.

There are plenty of people out there using launch control with no problems a couple of numbs nuts abusing their car then crying about how it broke
are the douchebags IMHO.

And the removal of LC in the 2010 GT-R is not certain yet.... just rumored based on what one person has said and if you read where that statement was originally posted. They note that Nissan contacted them and told them nothing has been finalized.

The STi may not brake a transmission with stock power levels but it certainly can snap an axle.
Does that make it a Piece of @#$%?
No, it just means there is some risk to launching it over and over.
And the guy you called a douchebag may have been referring to the WRX which has broken gears in stock form. Not apples to apples but still....
No, the fact that he did it in a very douche-baggish way. I never said that a ton of them had broken trannies, just that a car with a launch control feature like that, which insanely automates the launch process (and thus really encourages owners to utilize the feature and launch the car more than they would on a car with a driver operated clutch, regardless of how many buttons you need to push to activate it), should easily be able to handle the stress, or the feature shouldn't be included. Besides, these cars are somewhat rare and the significance of 3 failures is considerably more than it would be with a more common car.
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