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Originally Posted by jigga View Post
I disagree about the "LC" being a feature, but I am curious as to how it enourages you to use it? What you are suggesting is analogous to the automatic feature of a handgun encouraging you to shoot something with it.. If you are to kill someone with the said gun, is the manufacturer at fault for making the handgun automatic? Or are you at fault for pointing the gun at someone and pulling the trigger?

The LC isn't a "feature" since it wasn't mentioned in the manual.

What people are doing is the equivalent to finding a cheat code in their favorite computer game and using it. Only problem here is that after using the cheat multiple times, the computer game has become corrupt and will no longer function properly.

The cheat wasn't publicized (officially), and the knowledge of such code doesn't in and of itself encourage you to use it either. Anyone with an ounce of common sense would know that launching the car in such a manner is no good for the transmission..
i guarantee you that pretty much everyone who bought a GTR knew about the LC prior to the purchase. It was pretty well publicized prior to release in pretty much every magazine article I had ever read about the GTR at the time. A better analogy would be a handgun, with an automatic "pop a cap in some sucka" feature, or "automatic head-shot" feature. The fact is that LC almost completely automates the launching process. I mean you do have to operate it in order for it to function, but you don't necessarily need to have the ability to properly work the clutch and throttle in a car with a driver operated clutch in order to utilize it. Sure, nobody said they had to use it, and they probably shouldn't have used it, but given that it was a pretty well publicized feature, even if it apparently wasn't mentioned in the manual, I don't know what nissan expected was going to happen.

Sure, there are those of us who know better and realize that repeatedly pounding on an awd car in such a way would probable cause some unintended consequences, however not everyone understands the increased drivetrain stress that occurs when treating an AWD car in such a way that wouldn't happen if that car were RWD/FWD. And that "common sense" will be further suppressed when there is a feature that encourages people to beat on their cars more than they should.

I just don't believe for one fraction of a second that anyone here could honestly say that they wouldn't be far more tempted to perform a hard launch in a GT-R due to the launch control than they would in a WRX or STI (or some other car with a driver operated clutch).
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