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Originally Posted by borlarex88 View Post
Do you have the db standard 16g?

Ive been considering the dp big 16g and those injectors. I know i will talk to my tuner closer to then, but do you think deatschwerks 650s would be large enough for the db big 16g?
Yep... the one I have is the DB standard model, but it has had some minor upgrade work consisting of "monster" porting and a coated exhaust side. I bought it from a member on this board who just had it rebuilt by Deadbolt for good measure before selling it. It is a great steet turbo for the 2.0... with the right injectors and and a few supporting modifications, it really gives some eye opening low end and midrange power- it pulls fiercely enough that my wife and friends immediately grab for the "oh ****" handles during any episodes of full throttle 1-3 gear acceleration.

The above being said, within the next year I am considering sending the turbo back in for upgrade to a "Super 16G," as acceleration over 65 or 70 does take a dive. I wouldn't mind trading a little low end for a bit more top end pull. Since I'm running a stock gear box I haven't bothered to take my car to a strip, but I'd like to do it just once before I go larger so I would have a concrete basis for comparison.

Rambling aside, as was mentioned, those injectors should be great for ANY size 16G, and based on what I've seen, will even do well in a basic 18G setup. If you know what your power goals are, you can always refer to this calculator to determine how much injector you need.

For a WRX, I *think* it is generally recommended to use a BSFC of .59. Once you have your injectors figured out, you can choose your turbo from there. You may already know this, but I'm throwing the info out there just in case.

For comparison sake, here was my thread from a while back using a standard 16G:

On the dyno my car spooled hard and early, but some people pointed out that I may be dropping a little more torque toward redline than I should, and I had a little dip at 5,000 rpm that might be the result of some pulled timing. Not sure what the case was, but the car still feels great, and after getting a fairly knowledgeable person to log since then, it appeared that the car is happy. I do wish my curve was as linear as the OPs, though. My numbers are higher, but I was on a Dynojet. I bet we would pull similar peak numbers on the same dyno... he might even push a little higher than me.

I don't mean to get off topic; I thought it would be nice to throw some of these results together since it does seems like it is hard to find info on this board from other "regular" 16G users.
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