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still my opinion that they stretch themselves and their designs too thin, and that is what people are beginning to see yet again..Steering wheel designs from an Escalade showing up on a Cobalt, odds and ends that are just too familiar from car to car, and just make the cars wreak of cost-cutting and being cheap. I think this is more what people are associating with lackluster quality, rather than the actual quality of the cars they are putting out.

I'm not against sharing platforms, but they make it too obvious, and that's my only beef with them, and I perceive it as lackluster quality and effort and almost sheer laziness from the company in general(even though they may be put together really well). If they want to share platforms, make the car something completely different in character/purpose where even a complete automotive dunce won't look at the two cars and be able to tell that they share most of their parts, even though they have different badges in front.

This likely comes down to the fact that GM just seem to have 'brands'... Those brands however don't really have their own personalities..Their brands should be distinct to the point that they do not have a leg to whine to management for their own version of the SAME car.

I like to think that the automotive consumer these days isn't so stupid that they can't see through it from a mile away.

Perhaps that is because they are sharing the same cars with different badges in front again..

One more example..

Everyone loves the Corvette..

However, would we love it the same way if there was a Pontiac version, Buick version, GMC version, Saturn version,Hummer version, [insert other GM brand here] of the same corvette with a different badge in front but pretty much the same silhouette? I don't think so...

Another example... I don't think in this universe we would see Mini's version of the BMW M3.. In GM's universe however, anything is possible if the dealer cry enough for one!

Again, make each brand so distinct that they stand on their own (even though owned by GM.

I guess the problem with General Motors at the end of the day is that they are just too general...
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