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Originally Posted by Derbagger View Post
hmm, Infiniti took off when they stopped selling tarted up Nissans...
Oh? is that why they still sell a barely distinguisable QX? Oops, I mean, Armada with fake wood...

Tho i do agree, the Infiniti Z has always looked better than the Nissan Z. And maybe when it finally gets AWD as an option, i might consider one.

However, i would rather have an Acura anyday, over an Infiniti, Audi, Mercedes, etc. Honda built reliability trumps any crap from Euro brands. And the American public knows it. Why do you think the NSX ever even sold when its was so underpowered compared to other $80k exotics. Because It was an exotic car that you didn't have to take to the dealer every 10k miles for a $5000 timing belt change or valve adjustment. You bought it, drove it, and just enjoyed it. Outside of your garage...

Dropping the Integra/Accord copies (former RSX/current TSX)? With a lot of luxury brands, those cheap low-end cars are their best sellers. I see ten-fold the number of 3-series, A4's, and C230's on the road than i ever see of their big-sticker brethern.

Acura just needs to make sure their high-end will hold up against some the of the high-end of these other luxry companies. It's time for an AWD, 400hp+ V8-powered, Luxury sports sedan. Get on it Acura. Even Toyota already builds Lexus IS-F's and 460LSh (and god are they posh... )

Acura has been doing a darn good job in all honesty. How many A4's or 325's do i see every day? Not as many as i do Integras... And I see far more RL's than I do 750iL's and A8's.

Course, i don't live in anywhere near any ultra-richy-snobby-stupid-a$$-loser-enclaves where if your hummer doesn't have 29's and real baby-seal-skin inside, you're just a wanna-be. And i prefer to keep it that way.
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