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Originally Posted by Scrotus View Post
The problem is that ethanol has many upsides, just not when you insist upon making it with corn. A replacement liquid fuel for gasoline would be the easiest upgrade path from where we are now.
They're growing an alternative fuel crop here (forget the name) that can fuel a jet engine. They're scheduled to make the first test flight very soon. Edit: found a link:

The other major problem with corn is that you're taking a food crop for animals and taking it away from that market to fuel your car. So, corn-based ethanol forces you to choose between eating or driving, as it drives up the cost of all foods not just corn. Any crop will do so to a certain extent, but none directly as corn. (Corn syrup is in pretty much anything you buy that's not in the produce section - it's pretty scary some of the things it's in actually so I try to avoid it as much as possible.)

The best option would be to find some sort of crop that doesn't normally grow where food crops can be grown or cattle can be grazed. Cactus or some sort of grass perhaps...
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