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Default Do you really want to know about Vivid Racing?

Their R&D is ripping off whatever product on whatever website they see is cool. They want to copy and not engineer anything. They opt for things that they can put their names on and sell it. This includes Agency Power which was started because Vivid Racing had such a bad rap. They have screwed their vendors and will continue to attempt to be as good as the competition around them who are actually innovating and putting an ounce of engineering into their product. They market their products as being 100% made in the US, yet check out the website. They were happy when the container from China showed up at the back door. Really, is that what good parts are destined from? China? Go to Full Race down the street where 2/3 of the Vivid employees now work at and then ask them about Vivid. Brent who is one of the higher up's at Full Race used to be one of the management leads at Vivid until some unfortunate circumstances led him out of Vivid, and into a successful situation at Full Race.

Really, if you want a good product, go to Full Race. If you want a crappy knock off copy of something that does not fit worth a damn. Then buy from Agency Power/Vivid Racing. They have sent so much crap out the shipping door that it is ridiculous. Dan is polite until you put him on the spot to back up his product, and then he scrambles to make his vendors come up with a hacked up product that might satisfy the needs of a particular fire. And in the end he screws his customers, or at least he has our end of the dealings.

Dan would like to come across knowing something, but honestly, if you would like a good race or performance minded person, please contact me privately. I will be happy to supply you plenty of contacts and people who know much more than this outfit claims to know. Dan is trying to step into the big boy shoes with knowledge, but unfortunately his feet are a little to small to fit into the shoes he is attempting to fill. They sell crap that has absoloutley no engineering or design behind their thoughts, and they are perfectly content in that.

If you want to buy a part that does not have the Vivid moniker of Agency Power, then you have a fighting chance of actually getting what you ordered, but don't expect Vivid to do anything that goes out of their way to help you. Remember that Vivid is just a distributor of other peoples parts. The parts come into their back door from other distributors and then they mail them out to you. They hold very little in stock, and just profit from being a Kinkos with auto parts running in and out. Really, just buy from someone else and save your chance of being screwed with the confidence of another shop. This is not a boost to any one fantastic shop out there, but Vivid and Agency Power are at the bottom end of anything that I would ever recomend to anyone I like or know. They lie about delivery times, their product fits like crap, and they deceive their customers about the true origin of the product. The container that is on the Agency Power website is not from anywhere here in the states, and I have seen them take a chineese radiator out of one box, and repackage it in their Agency Power box and sell it for $400+ when it costs them $60. Hey, I am not mad at anyone who wants to make a buck here, but if you say it is from the USA, and you are charging USA prices, then don't lie.

Just my opinion, but there it is.

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