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Originally Posted by canuck37 View Post
Has anyone tried this brand of tire chain on a Baja (front axle only)? Yes, I realize that our manuals say "no chains, now way, no how".

They advertise themselves as being able to go where no other brand can fit......just curious.

It sure would be nice to figure out a solution for this issue, particularly since we have to deal with highway closures "chains/4x4 only, etc." here in California and they will turn away AWDs with all-season tires.

We went through all this on the Forum a couple of years back, but thought there may be some newer technology, etc. since then.
I've used a set of Peerless Auto-Trac self adjusting chains on the front and they did fine as long as I kept it under 30 and didn't turn the wheel all the way left or right. These were actual chains and not cables. I did a little looking around behind the tire and can't find any kind of damage after a week of driving with them on.
Don't bother trying to put them on the rear, there definitely isn't enough clearance back there. I've hear that the the cable chains made by SCC will fit better. I also imagine that they should be fine since they take up less space than chains.

Here is a responce from SOA that I found on another forum regarding the use of tire chains:

Thank you for your inquiry.

You cannot use standard tire chains on your vehicle because of the lack of
clearance in the wheel wells. I always recommend that owners contact the State
Police to discuss the mandatory use of tire chains. The State Police enforce
tire chain usage and should be able to provide some guidelines for their
required use.

If you use the tire chains detailed below, you would need to install them on the
front wheels only. As also detailed below, we do not endorse this product, but
have not heard any complaints from owners who have used them.

We have been made aware of a tire chain (traction device) company's claim that
its devices are suitable for the Subaru Outback and Subaru GT models. The
company is:

Security Chain Company (SCC)
A Division of Burns Brothers, Inc.
Portland, OR

The company's Internet address is: This Internet site gives local
retail sources for the products. The model recommended by SCC for Subaru is SHUR
GRIP Z. There are different sizes based on tire size.

SUBARU OF AMERICA cannot endorse these or any other traction devices. However,
we can inform any owners who request information on traction devices of this
company's claim that its products are available and suitable for Subaru
vehicles. Customers must take the initiative and responsibility for securing the
products and satisfying themselves that it is safe to use them on their

Thank you for taking the time to contact us, and I hope that this information is
helpful in your decision-making.
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