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Originally Posted by treystoys View Post
Thanks guys...

Doug, The car as it stands minus the 3076 kit, went [email protected] on a dominator 2.5r, so I'm thinking my hopes are not unreasonable. Looking only to be "in" the 11s consistantly on 93, I was thinking 11.8ish at around 118 sounds about right on 93. On race gas, I have no clue honestly. Just thinking it'd probably drop me in below the 11.50 area, but since I drive the car daily, and shuttle my kids around in it still, it has to remain practical, so the extra safty items I'd need for the low 11s club will have to be in the future when I can turn the car into a weekend/drag car and have a truck and trailer at my desposal. I actually have a daily driver that remains parked...but who wants do drive another car when the one you put your heart and soul into is so much more fun to be

Doug...For your [email protected] run, what were you running at the time? turbo, boost levels and remaining items and variables that got you there?

Happy new years guys!


That 11.9 was a crap run... crappy launch and then all through 4th gear I got knock... honestly, the car probably had more like mid to low 11s @ 123-125ish... and on race, I wasn't even close to maxing it out.

I was running a GT35R @ 27 psi on pump... other than that, 3" exhaust, cams, intake mani, modded stock wrx injectors, UTEC, DTEC, etc, etc.

And yea, I know what you mean... my 4 and 9 year old don't need to be wearing helmets everytime they want me to go super-fast, lol! But, they are most definitely buckeled up The cage will wait... indefinitely.

Happy new years back at ya!!

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