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Default I did this as well.

After seeing this post I tried this as well and so far so good. I have a 2005 Subaru Outback 2.5i, bought the intake kit listed and installed it a few days ago. only took about 30 minutes. The 05 only has 2 hoses instead of three so I used one more vacuum cap from the set of 3 on the 3rd hole and then clamped it. I also used the hoses that came with the kit and they fit so I did not have to use 3 brass hose barbs and 8 clamps to connect the hoses together. I only had to use 5 clamps and one brass hose barb. The clamps that came with the original intake did not seem as good as the new ones so I used the ones.

$62 for the intake kit.
$2.29 for the vacuum cap
$2.99 for the hose clamps
$1.09 for the small vacuum cap hose clamp
$13.98 for 2 Silicone couplers
$2.99 for the brass hose barb
$85.34 Total for a new intake system.

I'm having trouble posting the pics (I'm new) but when I figure it out I'll put them on.

I already have a K&N air filter in there so that doesn't count. I drive from SB to Mammoth almost every weekend and so far I have been averaging 27.9mpg (5 trips) round trip driving at around 70-75. Hopefully this will add a little MPG to the drive.

The car seems to drive easier and accelerates faster than it did before. The 2.5i had a pause when you punched it where you would hear the car rev up and then it would accelerate. Now it seems much more instantaneous. There is almost no increase in noise either but I like the new sound better than the stock intake sound.

Hopefully the check engine light won't come on and this will be my new set up.....well except for smog checks ;-).

I'll keep everyone posted on what happens.
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