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Originally Posted by Stames_wiltz View Post
First off you say 22 psi. The dyno says 20.8 Kirill you are at 21 psi if you round up, not 22. Conservative would be 19 psi peak tapering to 17 at redline and 15 degrees of timing advancement. Your not on a "conservative" tune for 91 octane pee gas.

I am glad that you are happy with your tune. Now get the proper supporting mods!!!!

I don't mean to be a critique Kirill, I just like to give you crap. Kind of like how Les likes to give me crap about my Dom III.

Edit: Kirill remember when I said that for some reason Cobbs dyno always gave the same power numbers when You use my formula for torq and hp. Peak boost multiplied by 15.2 equals peak torq. and peak boost at redline multiplied by 18.2 gives peak hp +/- some 5-10 torq/hp. give it a try... 20.8 x 15.2= 316 (you were 311) Your dyno shows about 16.5 psi at redline... 16.5 x 18.2= 300.3 (you are 297) seems pretty accurate. The formula also works for the stage 2 dyno you posted. Looks like they have it calibrated back to the old calibration bud.
On the street its hitting 22PSI. For some reason the car always runs a extra 1-1.5 PSI on the street.
As for the tune, the new 08's can take quite a bit of timing. We tried to run 21 degrees at redline, but the car would not have it past 6500RPM. However when we did run 21 degrees, it made a extra 15WHP, and 10WTQ. I was next to John when the car was getting tuned, trust me we tuned it back quite a bit from where we would have liked to run the car.
Stupid Utah winter gas!

As for the calibration. Mustang sent Cobb new parameters to enter into the dyno. The last time I want in for a stg2 pro tune, the base line was 268WHP, not the 249WHP it puts the same cars at.

James, now go get your meth kit in. Get tuned, and come play at snowcross this weekend .
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