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Default Trouble/Warranty Denial Report Thread: Interior

I had a discussion with Nick a few weeks back, and in an effort to consolidate the troubles people are having with their cars, which will in turn make the issues more apparent and/or harder to ignore (not to mention making this forum neater ) we decided to make sticky threads where people can report their troubles and/or denied warranty stories by problem area, much akin to my website, only with a much larger audience. SOA knows about and, but the lack of coordination of trouble reports here on I-club (of course it's going to happen... a 'net forum is a stream-of-consciousness kind of thing) and the lack of the sheer number of them on the site makes the actual impact far less than what it could be. We decided to utilize these stickied threads to organize and emphasize what is going wrong. I want to emphasize that these threads are not solely for Impreza WRX owners, nor just Impreza owners. We want to hear from everyone in these threads who is having issues. You can use these stickied threads to report warranty denials or simply to say that something's broken that you didn't submit for warranty repair. To keep these threads neat, there will be a standard format used, as found below (I will place an example reply below this post):




Time Out Of Use:

Problem And Likely Cause:


Submitted For Warranty Work (Yes/No):

Reason Given For Denial:

Your Story:

Replies deviating from this format will be deleted, no questions asked... sorry, but this has to remain neat and easy to read to be effective. In addition, please do not use this as a chance to bitch about a dealership or SOA- keep it professional and to-the-point, and this will help us all out in the long run .

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