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Originally Posted by socalLGT View Post
Why the hate for the ATP35R?!? It is a truly badass turbo... especially for a stock location. I can't say I have any personal experience with the Dom3, but I do know the ATP35R very well and it performs very closely to a true rotated GT35R. I highly doubt that you have driven or tuned Dom4 and ATP35R cars personally.

Having said that I have been very impressed with the Dom3's I have dealt with so I'm sure the Dom4 is a quality but to say that it is hands down better than and ATP35R is silly.
While I don't have the hands-on experience with either, all I can do is what anyone does when considering a turbo at first and absorb all the data I can from each. My complaint is just that the stock location 35R doesn't seem to have the powerband or spool that a rotated would. I understand this is a part of the design, but I don't see going any larger than a Dom4/HTA Green/SR56 (two of which I have had experience with ). I love ATP turbos in general, but I'm just really not a fan of any stock location 35R equivalent. They seem to get close in terms of peak numbers, but in pretty much every one I've seen boost/power falls off earlier than rotated, and it spools later.

Turbo choice is highly personal, maybe I should've emphasized the subjectiveness a bit more, but if I were to go that big there's really no point in not going rotated, between inlet size and hotside size possible in stock location. Just my $.02. I know you've worked with quite a few of them, and perhaps I just have a differing opinion, but they're just not my first choice.
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