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Originally Posted by socalLGT View Post
Why the hate for the ATP35R?!? It is a truly badass turbo... especially for a stock location. I can't say I have any personal experience with the Dom3, but I do know the ATP35R very well and it performs very closely to a true rotated GT35R. I highly doubt that you have driven or tuned Dom4 and ATP35R cars personally.

Having said that I have been very impressed with the Dom3's I have dealt with so I'm sure the Dom4 is a quality but to say that it is hands down better than and ATP35R is silly.

exactly dude(like usual, you and I are on the same page)..people are just so blind when it comes to wanting to go rotated(not you zeropsi, no offense to you, I like a lot of your posts and setups) but it makes no sense why some of these guy's go rotated, when they could get far better response and not have to replace so much stuff..more oem ftw, not to mention cost!

look at the evo guy's with their new fpred...mid 9 second passes with a fpred and they laugh at 35r STi's (as they should)

we should follow more in suit with those guy's, they are going fast and at a fraction of the cost.

davenow and I consantly have the arguement about the spool of these turbo's, I feel there is no rotated turbo other than a 30r that can actually hit full boost before ~4000rpm, he feels that rotated turbos can spool faster; needless to say, I am not a believer in his opinions on these rotated turbo's
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