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Originally Posted by ownnij View Post
i went from a 18g, fmic, ewg, etc., etc., to a stock location atp 30r. mainly because i got a great deal and i already had the other bolt ons.

i dont know how it is on 2.5l but on the 2.0l world.. rotated is a huge ass difference in torque. token negro made 350whp 350tq, tell me a stock location 30r that can do that? i haven't seen a stock location turbo period that can do that... more like 350whp 300wtq lol

i hate the stock location inlet.. it's a tight fit and prone to leaks. specially the 3" inlet. none of the less i don't like it. i wish they would've made the stock location a rotated style.. then i probably wouldn't argue so much about it.

now isn't the dom 4 like a 1700-1800 dollar turbo? wow thats like 2/3s from a rotated kit...

the point is that there is a difference between rotated and stock location and if your spending all that money. why not do it right the first time so you dont cry about it later.
Well said. It took me a long time to really accept the benefit of a rotated setup on a 2.5, and in learning about the 2.0 (since the 2.5's a bit more native to me), I'm realizing this is definitely the case. I've seen one very, very well done 207 on a rotated setup locally and there really isn't a comparison, IMO.

Originally Posted by soon2bblackongold View Post
exactly dude(like usual, you and I are on the same page)..people are just so blind when it comes to wanting to go rotated(not you zeropsi, no offense to you, I like a lot of your posts and setups) but it makes no sense why some of these guy's go rotated, when they could get far better response and not have to replace so much stuff..more oem ftw, not to mention cost!

look at the evo guy's with their new fpred...mid 9 second passes with a fpred and they laugh at 35r STi's (as they should)

we should follow more in suit with those guy's, they are going fast and at a fraction of the cost.

davenow and I consantly have the arguement about the spool of these turbo's, I feel there is no rotated turbo other than a 30r that can actually hit full boost before ~4000rpm, he feels that rotated turbos can spool faster; needless to say, I am not a believer in his opinions on these rotated turbo's
Thanks. I agree with some of this, and advocate stock location up to a point for the very same reasoning. I also advocate rotated for certain setups too. No matter how much empirical evidence can be shown on either side, it's still going to be so much a matter of preference.

I think Evo's a bit different comparison in terms of the FP Red, due to much better turbo location, and thereby ability to run larger inlets and exhaust housings. I can't argue the overall effectiveness of the Red as a turbo, as basically a journal bearing 35R, but it's capability is going to be different between say, a stock Subaru location vs. a stock Evo location.

Originally Posted by Steve.804 View Post
The only reason I can see a stock location 'large' turbo spooling quicker than a rotated set up is simply because of the small exhaust housing. But a rotated turbo has a better powerband and more peak torque for the same reason. The smaller exhaust housing on the stock location turbo will also greatly affect power once boost is turned up on race fuel.

I've priced stock location big turbo kits and rotated kits and when using a turbo such as a Blouch Dominator series the price difference is literally a couple hunderd bucks. So unless you just have gripes about a rotated kit or already have every bolt-on and supporting modification needed for a large stock locatoin turbo I dont see why you wouldnt go rotated.
I agree after a certain price point. Luckily, the most expensive stock location turbo I like is $1400.
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