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Impreza GC8 Community pool of supplies...

Back in Edmonton, there was a cycling club -- mainly used by people who used their bicycles for commuting -- to which you pay a small yearly fee in exchange for use of the tools and supplies at the club's garage. It was a co-op of sorts; I don't see why the VIC couldn't start something like that for Scooby DIY servicework. No single person has to be in charge of or responsible for the thing; it's managed by the community.

I just gave away about $200-$300 worth of cleaning and detailing supplies plus another $150 of axle stands and a nice full jack. If 20 people each contribute one item, each person has access to 20 items for the cost of the single item ($15) plus a club fee ($insertnumberhere). The logistics aren't as simple as the concept, but they're bound to be simpler than changing the headlight in a civic (from what I was told, or was that a VW?) and certainly doable given the dedication and participation of the GVRD Impreza people already on this site.

How many regulars are there in the VIC?

Let's say one person (mod?) keeps track of realworld contact info for each user who wants to participate. Let's say that there's a tote / box / container of degreasers and cleaners. damianq has it, and yannerd wants it. yannerd pm's damianq, they schedule a pickup, and yannerd posts in a sticky what he's been given. yannerd does what he needs and holds on to it. A week or month later, 32rulz needs degreasing, so he pm's the last posted person (yannerd), and you get the idea. It's inherently self-checking for the memory-impaired or even the morally dubious. Let's say down the line that Penphoe wants the pack. Jeff54 was the last person to post the 'I have it' list. Jeff54 replies to Penphoe that he doesn't have it but that he gave it to Shadowdancer a week ago. Jeff54's responsibility was to make sure that Shadowdancer posted the list, so the responsibility lies with Jeff54 for the missing stuff. Maybe Jeff54's hoarding it, maybe Shadowdancer ran off with it -- the community will be able to handle such a case of abusing the co-op.

* I'm sure Shadowdancer and Jeff54 are great guys (wordup, dawg) -- I'm only using the names for example purposes.

Let's say that a cleaner pack and a shine pack and a lube pack (snicker, snicker) work well for a year. Graduate the community to tools so that we don't have the horrid closet/garage-cluttering duplication (triplication, multiplication) of the same tools that most people likely use only now and again. There are already cases of "You can come over and use my gapper to do your plugs" and the like -- why not build on this?
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