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Originally Posted by UncleSpud View Post
The main question: Did he tell you what VIN #'s are affected? Since my sedan was built in 08/08, I'd sure like to know if my engine's gonna die (1800 mi, no issues yet, except for the idle problem reported by others that Subaru's yet to fix). Since not everyone with a Rex subscribes to the various online forums, you have to wonder how many other blown motors are out there.

Look, this thread could go on forever, with people complaining endlessly about about motors that are toast (and the rest of us wondering when ours will blow). The truth is that nothing will happen without Subaru acknowledging the problem. Our efforts should be focused on rattling Subaru's cage until they have no choice but to respond.

Are there any attorneys who subscribe to this forum who could offer suggestions? Should we write to Consumer Reports or try to connect with any of the federal watchdog agencies that might lend a hand? I'm open to suggestions, but please let's focus our efforts.

BTW, my local dealer (in western Colorado) had never heard of the problem.
He was scant on details regarding the exact VIN numbers affected, though I did not press him on that question. What he said was essentially to the effect that WRX's with the newer build dates should no longer have this problem. I'd still take it all with a grain of salt though, but I guess it's better than hearing the old "No problems here".
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