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well i def didnt start this thread to discuss the exact fueling needs of my set up , but if we must...
109 octane fuel , along with the increased fuel pressure . along with rails and the larger lines is definately enough to feed it . i have seen 610 whp on the same fuel system .
as for the capabilities of the 4088? like i said 610 whp . same turbo . 32psi of boost .
as for the super charger and boost levels /power levels . the system is more or less a two stage boosting system . the s/c has a clutch on the nose and a manifold on the back of it . once the t/c's boost reference exceeds the s/c's , the little wastegate plunger closes of the s/c on the intake side . clutches out . and is bypassed (this you cannot see . the turbo charge pipe merges just in front of the super chager from the bottom . ) so in effect there is no compounding of boost . the most i have ran on that setup was 24psi . i made 437 whp on dyno-comps dyno dynamics drums . i have the charts somwhere... but ill have to get em scanned too.
with the new setup , i hope to run somewhere in the ballpark of 30psi . hopin to crack 600 whp. thats the goal. the main goal of this build is to try and make a powerplant that is competative in more than one arena . street/strip/timeattack etc. i know sacrifices must be made in certain areas in order to attain this , but thats what im shooting for . please dont ask me about suspension/ brake / safety etc . as those areas are still being ironed out .

oh and as for the selection of internals. spend more if you want to . but u need not . ive seen this combo i action and umm , they're fine . just cause its an all out build , dont mean i want to waste my money on hyped up parts.
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