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Originally Posted by Drakar View Post
people focus on different things for different reasons, climate change may be a real issue but because people profit from its fear it will never be solved such as alot of diseases. Can you imaging if we did beat Cancer, no more funding for how many people, and how many out of a job.

We don't fix problems we just slow it down so money still comes in. Chris Rock had a good few lines on that.

As for the cars polluting and all that bull****, it's the coal plants and the slash and burn for crops, whip out our forests for more food to feed one group of people, while another group (westerners) of over eating and being wasteful (Im guilty of this as I believe everyone else in NA is)

Overly hipped, ya to make money, serious problem, possibly, but who the hell knows cause if one Scientist says it is and he needs to do research, well thats just another Grant towards the good fight.

Capitalism and saving the planet do not go hand in hand.
I don't share your pessimism in this matter. I think that we can make a difference if we try. Look at the worldwide ban on CFCs during the 90s when there was that thing about ozone depletion. I think when people are faced with a real problem that they will do something about it. What's the point of capitalism if you're not around to enjoy it?
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