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Originally Posted by bender View Post
is it man made or is it a natural process in the earths cycle?

wasn't there news not too long ago where they found a turtle fossil in the arctic?

wasn't it believed that it use to be warm up there millions of years ago......long before cars?
I read about that, and as interesting as it may seem, I think that this would be an "irregular" warming of the earth.

Originally Posted by Subaru-Girl View Post
i Watched IMAX's Blue Planet last night actually ... really bothered me that 1 acre of rainforrest is set fire every second to clear land for more people and you can only grasp this when viewing earth from space, the rain forest is just smoking away ... I think we're overpopulated, and yeah messed up our planet . Yet I still drive everyday etc ...
I still drive to work too, but that's because I don't really have a choice. I do try to choose green alternatives like walking to the store instead of driving down the street and using less paper. It's not just the cars!

Originally Posted by kgb View Post
Definitely over-populated, but the worst offenders are from the 3rd world where they aren't educated enough to stop contributing to the problem.
I agree, it's sad really but it's no excuse to not do our part. At least we can say we tried.

Originally Posted by MacNews View Post
You would be correct, but in the '70s they were not worrying about global-warming but about 'the coming ice-age'.

I am not a believer in the Church of Gore.
I'm not a preacher of Gore but given that this winter is turning out to be unusually mild (look outside) and the CO2 ppm in the air has doubled from what it was before industrialization is of particular concern. On that note this is an interesting read about the coming ice age.
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