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Originally Posted by bulwnkl View Post
I'm going to take a contrary view here, I think.

What's the issue?
You're putting far more torque through the axles than the truck was built for, but you are demanding that Subaru cover a failure? I'd have some sympathy for you if there was some kind of evidence that this 'wear' was because both axles were made improperly rather than them failing from you doubling the design-torque through them. And, you're saying that your dealer is willing to work with you on that front.

Absent that, you're coming across as just another whiner who wants to avoid taking responsibility for the mods you've made, and make the price of a new Subaru higher for the rest of us.

What did I miss in this story?
You hit it pretty much on the head. EXCEPT
Making the price of a new Subie going up is not even remotely the case with fixing a modded car under warranty. The car company has set timelines and mileage restrictions for warranty work. The VAST number of people who don't mod their cars are afforded the warranty protection Subaru calculates for having to fix a certain % of cars. If they covered EVERY modded car breakdown within our 3/36 or 5/60 it would have a small effect on MSRP if any at all. MY gripe is that I see cars come in and out of here with way more mods than I have and get the work done under warranty. 1 time only repairs under full warranty = trans, rear, front diff, axle, turbo, engine internals etc... I work here and get "Sorry it's because of the mods" Some people who are repeat offenders get cut off... rightfully so. I'm just bitter that it's ok for people who come in off the street to get taken care of but they wont hook me up.
As far as stronger than stock units goes. They would be custom and stupid money. After the new ones go I'll be able to swing it... just not now
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