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I have a question for you guys. How do I get the cruise to work through the standard 2002 dash switch?

I'll post the diagrams when I get the chance, but here's the deal. I don't know what model year they put the on/off switch in the end of the stalk but they did. My basic premise was to take the (2) wires that comprise the on/off portion, intercept them at the column, and run them back to the dash swithch.

There are a couple issues. The wires I'm dealing with are the GB and GL both the same for the 2002 and 2007. Both are powered from the same fuse. The difference is that the GL on the 2007 runs to the ecu while on the 2002 it runs to the CC unit.

The GB is constanly powered from the ignition and although the diagram shows 6 wires there is actually only 4 in the 2002 harness. V, OrW, GB, and GL. V and OrW are only for illumination. The way the switch used to work was if pushed in the "indicator" would illuminate until shut off by brake, etc. Now when I push the swith in it does not hold on. The GL wire will only be powered if you keep the switch depressed. The indicator light will never come on. I have not been able to test if it actually works if you hold the switch in yet, my assumption is that it won't.

Another issue is that even though the GB wire runs through the brake and clutch switch, it is not the one that breaks contact once the, brake/clutch, switch is open. Which tells me even if I could get it to work, hitting the brakes, etc would not turn it off. Weird. I have a feeling the 02 switch was powered in another manner as the GL ran through the Integrated Body Unit. I've tested the (2) open terminals to see how they'd react to being powered. Nothing

I could not graph the 2007 stalk into the 2002 wheel.

Why am I doing this. I don't like the 2007 steering wheels and I need the cruise to function so I can use the launch control through the AP. That and if I were to sell the car I want everything to function as though it was built that way, otherwise I'd just put a rocker switch in there.

I'm at a loss. I'll continue to search. Maybe I need to look to the dash portion of the 2007 wiring as that's where the indicator and set lights illuminate.
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