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about 7500 ish miles were put on with that system. all of them on race gas . woulda put a bunch more if the thing hadnt gone lean .
*found the source of the lean out on my car that caused it to crush the ring lands . the little flat sock on the end of the fuel pickup in the tank picked up a few metal shavings (no idea, more on that later ) and folded in on itself due to the vacuum . thusly starving the fuel pump , and the whole system . extreem lean out at 130mph!
As for the shavings of metal in my tank , thats a comlete mystery . i have definatly never drilled into my tank . and i only used 100 octane fuel from velero on cave crk and union hills in Phx. no probelm there .and then went to 103 vp streetblaze . i dont know from there , but thats how it goes . ill have pics again tomorrow.
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